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e-Design: It's Trending,Convenient and Affordable!

Why e-Design? (Is it a Good Fit for me)?

It just may be, if any of these sounds like you!


You love researching new trends and trying out new styles and ideas in your home...

(You enjoy the freedom and flexibility of shopping online,  love Wishlists, and  browsing through ideas on Instagram & Pinterest  are a favorite pastime)...

Your biggest home decor challenge is: How to put it all together...   

(You have so many great ideas...But you have to choose...So where do you begin? What style should you go with? What colors will work best)?

You would love some design help, but don't want to invest too much time or money...


(You are comfortable making changes on your own, but would prefer some guidance, or a "design roadmap" to follow)...

(Or maybe you live outside of our service area, but really like what you see on our site!)


How Does our e-Design Service Work?

1.  We get to know you and your space.

   (You tell us about you, your space, decor goals, & budget).

2. We create a personalized look for your space.

   We'll review this concept together, & make changes as needed.


3. We'll finalize an action plan for the new look.

We'll discuss any new items you'll need.

(You can purchase these through us, or on your own).

How much does e-Design cost?

It's affordable. Really affordable. Our e-Design rates are based on a flat fee, are always structured around your budget, and on the type of design concept that you require.

We also frequently offer special promotions for our e-Design clients, so sign up to receive discounts from our Deal Den, and check with us often if you have a special project in mind! 

To get a specific quote for your project, click here to send us an email, or give us a call at:

(561) 232-3801   or    (727) 228-1946!


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  Go from This....



       To This!


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