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What if you could coordinate your entire Wedding  Registry so that all  the home decor gifts you select look great together, reflect your personal sense of style, AND fit perfectly into a design theme you already have in mind,  and would love to try in your new home...

With the help of the complimentary Design service at Destination Registry, your first home together can be the cozy, inspiring and innovative space you've always dreamed of! It's your new, together space, and you want it to reflect who you are, and to be a place that you can build great memories in...We understand that, and would love to help you to achieve the look you have in mind, starting with the very first gift on your Registry!Sign up up today for this totally free service, fill out the simple "Home Dreamz" Form, and sit back while the Destination Registry Design Team goes to work to assemble a customized collection of gifts that reflect your style, and are all coordinated by theme and color to fit perfectly into your new, comfortably elegant, special space...your unique, "together home"...

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